Appalachian State University prides itself in providing students with a “Transformational Experience.” This is accomplished through an intentional combination of academic rigor found in the classroom and personal growth developed through diverse experiences. The Department of Student Engagement and Leadership invites students to enrich their Appalachian experience as active contributors to this vibrant campus community. Students who excel both in and out of the classroom put themselves in position to be competitive for the most selective of internships, full-time positions, fellowships, and graduate programs. 

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We invite visitors to our website to explore the breadth and depth of programs, organizations, events, classes, facilities and off-campus service opportunities that we feel help make Appalachian State University truly exceptional. We challenge each of our students to set strategic personal goals that will serve to ensure achievement of their own "Transformational Experience."



We enrich student lives through our programs, services, facilities, and involvement opportunities to prepare students to lead and serve in a changing global society.



We aspire to cultivate transformative experiences for all students that foster student growth and development.  



GROWTH: We value personal and professional growth that encourages self-awareness, life-long learning, and development of individual purpose.

CONNECTEDNESS: We value establishing meaningful, effective relationships that encourage collaboration and creativity, and recognize that we excel when we become an integral part of the campus and broader communities.

RESPECT: Along with basic courtesy, we value respectful discourse which deepens understanding of one another, and models inclusive actions that honor diverse identities, perspectives, lifestyles, and cultures.  

SUSTAINABILITY: We value behaviors and structures that serve to preserve, restore, and care for our personal well-being, our community, and our natural environment.  

Department of Student Engagement & Leadership

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